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I am a former veterinary nurse and live near Wrexham with my dog and cat, Chico and Buddy. To be able to help animals and even change their lives, is a dream come true for me - I know that my work has made dreams come true for many other people too.  


In 2005, my life changed forever when I was  diagnosed with cancer. I was so desperately ill not expected to survive but with lots of chemotherapy, love, positive thinking and much laughter, I pulled through. I do believe I was saved for a reason as...    

As one of the the UK's leading Animal Psychics, I have appeared in numerous magazines and papers and made guest appearances on various TV and Radio shows. I presently have five books published of my 'with The Animal Psychic' collection. I do think I have one of the best jobs in the world. It comes with a lot of responsibility but when you can help an animal, or simply give them a voice, it is the best form of communication to me.

ITV This Morning

As seen on...

I am sorry if you are looking for help regarding a missing animal but I do NOT do missing pets as this is not my line of work. Please do not ask me as I cannot help you and it also leaves me upset having read of your pain and anguish. I know that time is always of the essence in cases like this, so please look for a communicator who specialises in this kind of work. Thank you.  

March 2013 I appeared on ITV This Morning. I gave information, live on air, to Holly about her cat, Roxy. This was well received and described by Holly Willoughby as, 'absolutely spot on!'

I had such a blast  with  the fabulous, but sometimes rather naughty, Russell Howard on his BBC3 comedy show. Every week he has to work out why his mystery guest was in the newspapers and to  try to do their skill himself!

ITV This Morning Pet Psychic Russell Howards Good News

I was invited to London to meet journalist Polly Hudson and her two gorgeous cats.


Polly interviewed me and I 'interviewed' her two cats!! It was such a great opportunity to show that people really can psychically communicate with animals and her article tells about our meeting.


She said she could not think of anything that would top a communication with her cats...

I am doing my best to spread the word about Animal Communication via the media. Here are some of the papers and magazines I have been in...

Paul McKenna


             Jenny Seagrove


Matthew Rhys


       William Roache MBE


Stephanie Beacham


                 Tony Stockwell


Although my work is often for problem solving, I do spend a lot of my time laughing; animals have such an amazing outlook on life and many of them have a great sense of humour too! I've communicated with horses, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and even a kangaroo!


All my life has revolved around animals, and 'animal talking' is a natural next step. I communicate with animals by connecting telepathically. I've always been emotionally linked to animals; sensing their pain, and picking up their joy, but I didn't realise that they were actually 'passing' this information to me.


I have talked to animals all over  the world for people and even the pets of the rich and famous; everyone from soap stars to Hollywood stars - their animals loved opportunity to chat and I am sure yours will too.

  Animals are so wonderful and honour us with their love - it is such a joy for them to talk and thank you for your love and care too.

Pet Psychic with Cat Animal communicator with dog Rescue Collie and Animal Psychic Jackie Weaver

There is nothing weird or spooky about animal communication - it's as simple as me having a 'chat' with your animal. People often refer to me as 'The Animal Psychic' but please don't feel uncomfortable about this as this means simply I, like many others, have a gift/skill to be able to to use another part of my mind to tune into sources for information. It is totally natural for animals to do - after all, horses don't have to neigh all the time when they speak to each other.

Psychic actually means, 'a person sensitive to things beyond the everyday range of perception' so using telepathy I can have a conversation with your pet. Ask yourself, how many times have you said, 'If only they could talk?' So, like a friend, you introduce them to me, I have a chat and then I tell you what they say. They will give me pictures, experiences and lots more!

If you find it hard to understand the idea of animal communication (or people to have psychic abilities come to that) and maybe disbelieve in it, I am certainly not offended! I  agree it could seem a rather strange concept for those who have not experienced it. But if any of what I have written above helps you  - if you have an illness or know a loved one who has - then I hope my story will give you hope and positivity.

Spirit Cat Spirit Dog

Do animals really live on in spirit? As a pet medium I truly believe they do. That is why I offer to try and connect you with your animals that have passed over. Pet grief is a painful as grieving for a person, sometimes worse - we look on them like children and they rely on us as a child would do.

Animal Communication book - Celebrity Pet Talking with The Animal Psychic

I have done seven books, all true cases and the last three books are in the words of the pets' owners themselves. My Celebrity Pet Talking, is a world first as no animal communicator has had a book published containing genuine celebrities' animal readings.

Would you like to read a sample for free? Here is my eBook which you can download from Amazon for free... Just click on the book


I had no idea I could do this until I attended a workshop and this goes for many of the well-known animal communicators working in this field today. This may change your life forever - it did mine!


My classes are lively and upbeat. They are not filled with long meditations and the like. You do not need a 'quiet' mind just an open one so I can show you how you can use your mind to connect to the mind of an animal and have a conversation. Animals love to talk and have fun too. (Grab yourself a copy of my free Ebook above, then you can read how I like to work.)


My workshops are now done for 2018. However, if you are interested and maybe know other people who you think would like to learn in 2019, then drop me an email and we can see if we can organise a workshop in your area.

Sally, my little Angel & Stan the little monkey!!

Funny Animals

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CELEBRITY PET TALKING ANIMATED Daily Mirror newspaper horses Free Animal Communication eBook cat rolling

'Animals can talk... and I can hear them!'

My Wonderful Animals...

jack russell cat Happy horses



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Happy Days :)

Would you like to read what others have written about work I have done for them?


Social media sites are a great place for people to be able to write what they think, good or bad! I think this is a great open platform for others to read about peoples' work and ethics.

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Sheer joy, love and laughter thanks to the wonderful world of animals.


I do send out the occasional newsletters. So if you wish to receive updates etc., please feel free to fill in your email address below. (Your email is safe and will not be shared.)

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Animal Psychic News Awesome book brilliant book

Okay, maybe not the best animal communication example but great fun just the same! Pete Wicks said I got his dog Alfred, 'Bang On.'

All my spirit work is assisted by my darling cat Stan, who passed over at such a tender age of three years old. As he says, it is 'undying love'.


Animal Chatting on The Paul O'Grady Show

Animal Communicator Television


Paul O Grady Show Paul Ogrady and The Animal Psychic

What fun talking to Paul's dog Olga and Hugh Bonneville's dog Teddy on a show with Ben Shephard and Rochelle Humes.

Watch here...

Russian Blue Cat

Due to the increasing amount of different browsers and internet systems nowadays, occasionally my 'Contact Me' but will not let you email, so here is the solution...

dog thinking Email bubble add Pete Towie Pets

Animal Communication makes Coleen  say 'Wow' on  Loose Women


Talking to pets for Linda Robson, Katie Price, Nadia Sawalha and Coleen Nolan. Coleen was not convinced and asked me what had happened to her little dog's leg... watch here...

This is such a sensitive and emotional area that I used to shy away from asking for Spirit animals to come through. I was not afraid of the spirit aspect but I really did not want to raise someone's hopes, only to let them down. But, as in life, you do things that pushed forward to do...

ITV This Morning Phone In.

Talking about Grieving for your pets  on ITV This Morning

Doing Readings for Horses

I do a lot of work with people's horses and, unlike communicating with pets i.e. dogs, cats rabbits etc., doing readings for horses can be very complex as they have such diverse lives / physical issues / varying capabilites / fears / injuries / conditions that I feel really should be served on a communication front by somebody that is an experienced rider and has good all round knowledge of horses.


I am fortunate to have this (although I am no expert) but generally can make sense of what a horse is trying to show me. Although I no longer have my own horses, I'm fortunate that I occasionally still get to ride. This is one of my lovely friend's horses who says he is a true gent, and yes he is! 

coloured horse Warmblood

Alan Carr Comes to Visit Me with his Dogs Bev and Joyce

Alan brought both his dogs to see me as we were filming some communication. We had such fun and his dogs were stars.

Every month I have a column in Chat It's Fate magazine. It will cover an animal reading (living or spirit) with a response from the pet's owner too. Also, I will be offering some Pet Tip Bits as well.


Eventually, I will have a page here, where you can read the back issues column.

Chat its Fate Magazine Pet Tip Bits Media Alan Carr and his Dogs Magnificats Animal Communication Podcasts

I am delighted to be part of the Magnificats new podcast series!


They are doing chats with interesting people with a feline flavour.


Series 1:

Animal Communication - Steven speaks with The Animal Psychic, Jackie Weaver.


Psychic communication with animals: Is it actually possible? Is telepathy a real thing? Are animals even sentient?


Three podcasts featuring sessions with Rocky, Pixie and Junior, insights into the practise of animal communication and some celebrity case studies!

Click here to listen...

The Magnificats - Britain's Most Famous Internet Cats

Chat it's Fate Magazine Column

Recorded Interviews via Podcast

Pet Grief Book

Many people come to me as need help with their pet grief and I am honoured to help them. Also, as you can see above, I have worked on TV helping people who are grieving for their animals too. I have been through the grief process many times before too - I also had felt like my heart has been broken into a thousand pieces having lost my beloved pets / animals over the years.


I know the feeling of acceptance as most of my pets made old age however, I also have experienced the pain and shock of losing a couple so very young. I wish I had known some of the coping strategies then that I know now.


In this book, there are practical mental techniques which I have been shown and taught. For example: did you know that you can use your breathing, tap / drum your fingertips on one specific area or your body and truly lower your feeling of stress? It really does work and simple to do too.

This has received many 5 star reviews and has already helped many people struggling with their pet grief.


Paperback £6.99  Digital £2.99

Pet Grief Curve

Therapists / councellors help people with mental wellbeing who are suffering for many various reasons. I am now sharing this knoweldge to help people with not just their pet grief, but other aspects of owning a pet that can cause us worry too. Also the book has much much more. I aim to help empower you and also, needless to say, there is some of the spiriutal aspects too - although for this book to be of help to you, you do not have to be a believer in the afterlife at all!

Here is an example from the book regarding how our minds process grief. Throughout the book you will see how our brains work and what we can do to get them to help us make life and our grief journeys smoother.  

You will find more information here:

Trip of a Lifetime Communicating with Wild Animals

Dolphins and Safari Kruger National Park

I have been invited to be the animal communicator on a trip to… Ponta Do Ouro Marine Reserve, on the Southern Mozambique Coast!! This is the most amazing opportunity for not just me, but a maximum of 10 people who can come on this exclusive trip happening this August.

It is being organised by wonderful people who want to help conservation and show how incredible sea life and wildlife are.