To quote the words here from Daily Mirror journalist Polly Hudson after talking to her cats -


'It is nearly an understatement to say that being able to have a conversation with my cats would be the very best thing that could ever, ever happen to me - so my expectations before meeting Jackie were pretty high. It is an equal understatement to report that it proved to be the most important experience of my entire life to date. And I can't imagine anything could ever top it...'


I feel the best animal communication teaching techniques are to keep things as straight forward as possible. Not only will you be learning about psychic communication, but you will be trying read each others animals from their photographs too. My classes are upbeat and I pack as much into a day as I can. You do not need to have a 'quiet' mind and I do not do loads of meditation as I do not feel that is the way forward. My way of teaching is very down-to-earth as I view communicating with an animal very much like having a conversation – we don’t have conversations with people feeling like we are half-asleep, we talk like we would to another person… wide-awake! Animals to talk to each other, we just need to learn how to hear their thoughts and join in.

My life was not really anything extra ordinary and after my cancer battle I felt drained and rather lost. I went to a workshop and was totally amazed by what I, and others there, could do.


I am sure not all of you would want to work as a communicator solving problems and facing some of the more unpleasant things in life BUT what you can do is, come and share in the beauty of it and have the opportunity to try to communicate with someone's animal and someone to do a reading on yours too!


You will meet like-minded people and see for yourself that it is real. My aim is for you is to have some magical experience yourself that you certainly won't forget.  I can still remember my first vision and that day has shaped the rest of my life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions


People have expressed interest in me doing workshops in various locations. If you would like to come to one, please let me know and I will be able to organise the venue in that area. The person who helps me organise it will have their place free of charge.


You will read on some websites that 'everyone can do animal communication' but I will be honest - I know many people will be able to but, in all fairness, I know others do find they cannot tap into the psychic part of their mind at all. If it truly was that easy, we would all be doing it.


So what happens if you come on a workshop and find out that you cannot psychically communicate? That is not a problem, as you, along with everyone else will have brought photos of your pets, other people will be able to chat to them for you any way. So it is a win win for all.


It is £80 for day, 10.30 - 4.30 and you bring along photos of your pets. For a workshop I need the minimum of 12 people so this ensures we have plenty of animals to chat to and practice with to get the most out of the day for everybody there.      







Do you feel you have strong intuition? Often know things are going to happen before they do? Have dreams that come true? Know what somebody is about to say before they have said it?


These are all good indications of psychic ability.


We can have a face-to-face lessons over Skype. I will work with you to show you how communication works and help you to try to receive information from an animal and to communicate with them. There are various techniques I use to get past our doubting logical brain. There will be no pressure, it will be just you (or you and your friends) and me sharing in the amazing world of communication.



Skype is free to use, easy to download and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.   Click here to read more about Skype.


"Who knew that animal communication could be such fun?! Booking a session with Jackie is one of the best things I've ever done!


I initially contacted Jackie because my little dog, Pluto, was going to have go into quarantine for 30 days. I wanted him to know exactly what was going to happen, and part of me was just plain curious. So I prepared my list of questions and sent Pluto's photo to Jackie, not really knowing what to expect. But the reading with Pluto went so well that I decided to book myself in for a private tuition session.


Before my private session, I felt about as psychic as a wooden chair, but it turns out that animal communication isn't the daunting and intimidating enigma that it first appears to be. You just need a few tips from Jackie, a bit of practice with Jackie's chatty cat, Stanley, and the boldness to take your first baby steps. You won't look back!


Thank you to Jackie (and Pluto) for giving me back my natural psychic ability!"  Allie Gledhill

During a communication sometimes an animal will let me know that their owner has great psychic ability - this was a prime example of a dog being absolutely right!


"Jackie introduced me personally to animal communication after her astounding telepathic communication with my amazing dog. She was most encouraging and gave helpful, practical advice, hints/tips and support during our practice readings. Jackie's approach and feedback was tailored to my knowledge and understanding of familiar animals which helped to build my confidence and develop my ability.


I will always be extremely grateful to Jackie - to be able to communicate with animals is truly amazing! Jackie is wonderful, I believe she is exceptionally talented and I am honored to have her help and support. Thank you so very much."

Joanne Jarvis.

'I had been doing communications but felt I needed help and guidance to be able to take the step of doing it over the phone as a 'live' reading. Jackie put me at ease and I was amazed how it flowed. I was very grateful for the guidance of how to pass information from the animals to their owners and learn more guidelines that, as animal communicators, we should follow.


Thank you Jackie, you really did make the difference for me and I am really enjoying working in this way now too."

Julie Prole.

Workshop quotes

What other people had to say...

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Animal Communication Workshop

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I had the opportunity and good fortune to attend one of Jackie's training courses - I found it really inspirational and so helpful. Jackie is down to earth and practical, and has an excellent way of teaching this subject.


It has enhanced my time with my dogs and been helpful to friends. Now I am starting to do more readings for others - and am really grateful for this very useful course. I can't recommend the course or Jackie highly enough.



Another pet psychic to help the animals...


LINUS ROACHE: International Actor: Law and Order, The Vikings.

Linus Roache

So many people are intrigued about how we communicate with animals and the best way to show them is, teach them how to do it too.

This is what Linus had to say...


"Jackie opened my mind to a dimension of our interconnectivity that I had never seen before. She is not only a great animal communicator but is also a gifted teacher.”


Linus Roache

Learning animal communication the fun and easy way...

I cannot thank you enough for a truly delightful day!


I really enjoyed the workshop, it was fun, informative, encouraging and delivered wonderfully!


I didn't anticipate I would be coming away feeling so uplifted, reflecting on a lovely, laughter filled day. Lovely group of people and I even felt as if my spirit animals were there too!



Russian Blue Cat