Jackie Weaver has an exceptional gift: she can communicate with animals in a way that not only answers unsolved riddles, but also solves very real problems.


Our black Labrador was terrified of other black Labradors until Jackie “spoke” to him. She not only identified the reason but also helped him to the point that he is now friendly to them as he is with other dogs. More than that, she also identified other issues that had not yet become fully-fledged ones and helped us to head them off.


Jackie's gift is remarkable, she can offer real insight into whatever is troubling your animals, and give you feedback that is uncannily accurate. We heartily recommend her.


P. Dunne Herefordshire

Thank you so much for the lovely reading with my cat Ms Molly Collins. It was so great to hear what she had to say for herself and thanks to you we were able to have a lovely chat. Keep doing what you do.


You're a wonderful person, an inspiration and a true ambassador for animal communication and I've no doubt the animals think so too! I will be recommending you to others.


Cathy Collins, Cork, S. Ireland

Scampy was watching me the whole time we were "talking" with such a dreamy look on his face. You knew about his front baby tooth dangling halfway off and that it had now fallen off by itself and was ok. You knew that he likes to play tricks and is very cheeky. You knew about the skunk coming around. You knew about his whole grooming thing and his confusion about picking up his feet. Everything was just so right! You even knew about the cowboy who came around to work my little mare, Scampy wondered why he pulled her to him and then pushed her away from him over and over again, that is exactly what happened, Scampy had watched the whole thing!


I could go on and on but I really just want to say that I feel so much closer to him now since we had the chat. It was just fantastic and I will be back for more in the future with all my animals!


Nicola Jane Barton, California, USA

Through Bob, Jackie described how Nellie had been found on the road and I was very worried that the same fate would await Bob. So, to help remind him to stay clear of the road, Jackie asked him for some words and he suggested I say, "Remember Nellie", and so far so good! I then went on to ask how Bob felt about us, the humans in his family... Jackie gave us information that was also spot on. I could have stayed on the phone for a lot longer and I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone who is needing an extra insight - it is such a fascinating experience and you really do look at your pet differently afterwards!


Dawn - Wiltshire

I booked an appointment and when Jackie rang; I laughed, I cried.....I must have felt every emotion going. Jackie told me so many things about Rosy that no one but our family could have known and once I realised that it really was Rosy talking I was put at ease, it was truly AMAZING! The sense of humour that Rosy had really came across in the things she said, and this experience has helped me so much with the grieving process.


Although I still shed the odd tear when I think about her, I also smile and think about the wonderful things she said during our conversation with Jackie. Jackie truly is such gifted person and I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to have a wonderful chat with their animal friends, alive or in spirit as I did.


Rebecca - Lancashire

We had the pleasure of owning Rosy, our beautiful Irish Draught mare, for nearly 15 years and what a wonderful family horse she was! Not many horses can say they have carried three generations of the same family on their back! She was a horse you really could trust with your life!


Unfortunately she also suffered from laminitis and always seemed to suffer during the cold winter months no matter what we tried to stop kept coming back; we had to make the only decision we could, to take away the terrible pain and put her to sleep. It was quite possibly the worst day of my life and although it was much more peaceful than I imagined, I felt so utterly empty afterwards. I had lost my best friend and confidante. A couple of weeks after I was reading the Sunday paper and came across an article about Jackie, I still felt so low and it seemed to be a way out of these dark times.

I decided to contact Jackie following the death of one of our young kittens, Nellie. She was a sister to Bob, and we had only had them for about three months so when she was run over outside our house we were all devastated. They were a particularly close pair, very entertaining and real partners in crime so I was really feeling for the newly single Bob, who only had a pair of growling, menopausal old lady pussycats left to entertain him. I had read a few books on animal communication but had never had an actual reading done before. Jackie came across as extremely friendly and down to earth and put me at ease straight away. From the start she seemed to pick up on Bob's nature and how he felt within the

Dear Jackie, thank you so much for organising the great chat I had with my beloved horse, Prince. You interpreted him very accurately - including drawing the picture of the pot bellied pigs that he is so frightened of (!), and pointing out that his saddle was uncomfortable - the saddle fitter agreed.


We seem to be rubbing along together much better as a result of our 'exchange of ideas' and we are both very grateful for your help with that.


Best wishes and keep up the good work.


Jane.   Cape Town, South Africa.

The lovely Prince with the 'little people' as he so sweetly calls them.

Thank you so much for giving up your time to come and give us such a detailed and extraordinary chat. Jackie weaver gave up two hours of her time to come into our equine lesson and give a group talk to several students and teachers, during this time she did two thorough communications and completely astonished the group!


I would like to take this pleasure of thanking Jackie very much, the group had a fantastic time and you really got us thinking. We would recommend Jackie to talk to your animal she truly is an exceptional woman who has come through such a lot.


Thank you

Students, Teachers and Animals of John Beddows School Equine Group, Presteigne, Powys.

When I spoke to Jackie I was a little doubtful that she would be able to get much sense from Percy. As a Springer Spaniel he's a very live wire & some of his behaviour has seemed completely irrational. However Jackie described some of his traits and Percy gave her reasons behind his behaviour that made a lot of sense. The real proof came when we got home that evening and Percy's behaviour towards us was changed. He came over to nudge our knees with his nose in a way he hadn't before and it truly seemed he wanted to 'talk' to us. His problem behaviour has been very much reduced since and some aspects of it have been eliminated. We will be asking Jackie to chat to Percy some more as he has been so much nicer to have around and I think appreciated having his side of the story listened to!


Lauren D'Silva - Powys

My lovely 10yr old dog Sid had lost his spark and seemed to be going downhill. The vet found he had got a heart murmur, then within a few weeks a skin tumour had appeared. They tried to treat it with injections but it did not shrink, so the only option left was to operate on him as it was fairly aggressive and was in an uncomfortable place, but obviously anaesthetic would not be without risk.

I decided to contact Jackie to see if she could help. We had the most amazing 3 way conversation and Sid said he wanted the surgery and wasn't scared but kept mentioning his breathing problems and that he thought this was to do with his heart. Based on what Sid had said to Jackie, I went back to the vet who agreed to scan his heart, and this showed that the heart problem was, in fact, worse than he'd thought from just listening with a stethoscope. We decided to start him on medication to strengthen his heart and then go ahead with the surgery. I asked Jackie to speak to him before his operation and again he said he was happy to go ahead and thought that he'd be fine! This was immensely reassuring to me and helped me feel more positive about the operation, this, I'm sure helped me not to pass my fears on to him.

He had his operation two weeks ago and sailed through it all and has made a remarkable recovery, even his vet was impressed! He is back to the lively, happy dog I last saw several months ago.I honestly think that without Jackie's help I would not have had the courage to go ahead with the operation. Knowing how Sid felt about everything was fundamental to making the decision. There are insufficient words to thank Jackie enough for all she has done for Sid and me. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who feels they need insight into their animal's problems.


Sal - Herefordshire


After numerous discussions with animal therapists and welfare groups was advised I may have to put Luke to sleep as he would not be re-homed because of his behaviour. He was only 9 months old! Completely distraught, a work colleague suggested I should speak with Jackie.  She helped me see the extent of Luke's abuse and how we could help him overcome his anxieties using various connection techniques and giving me a better insight to his unhappiness and the part we could play to change this.

Jackie is not only a god send to loving owners but, in Luke's case, a lifeline, he is now a happy, content and extremely different dog.

If you like me are looking for guidance when all seems lost, look no further your pet will thank you for it. Thank you Jackie.


Alice & Luke - Glasgow

All 3 of Pablo's owners that I had been in contact with said they all had problems with mounting him, which also I was having issues with, he just would not stand still for me to mount him, it was such a nightmare always trying to find someone to hold him for me otherwise I could not get on. He explained to Jackie that he was like this as he was so excited to go, so Jackie explained to him, that if he stood still, he would actually get out the yard quicker! Pablo suggested that before mounting that I place a hand on his forehead to remind him of the conversation, and ever since that day he has stood still like a real gent for me mount, tighten my girth and will only move off when I ask him.


The chats I have had with Jackie and Pablo have made me understand him so much more, and we have a great bond thanks to Jackie. 


I sing her praises to anyone that will listen, I highly recommend Jackie, she has a truly amazing gift and I hope it brings as many people as much happiness as it has to me.


Sophie - Kent

I had Pablo for about 3 months when I rang Jackie, we had no major problems I just wanted to have a chat with him, to help me bond with him and find out what made him tick. Throughout this amazing 3 way conversation, Jackie told me so many things that only Pablo and I would have known!

This is a testimonial from a very courageous lady whose beloved Jake was only four years old and had been battling against the odds for a while.


I just wanted to thank you again for putting my mind at rest about Jake and what to do for the best. Every instinct is screaming at you not to give up and to keep trying but at the end of the day I wanted to do what Jake wanted, not me - I just wanted to keep him forever! You will never know how much it meant to be assured that we went with Jake's wishes and he is now out of pain and 'put to bed' for the last time in a special spot at home. Thank you again Jackie."


Jean - Herefordshire

Cases like this are very emotional to do, but I am honoured to be able to pass over what their owners really need to know. Jean has asked me to put this up in a tribute to Jake, but also to let others know that in a time of such sadness, that people like myself, sometimes can help to ease the pain.

When I bought Gerry, I knew I was buying a "problem" horse, but after a year I was still having major problems so got in contact with Jackie.

I was at one of the lowest points of my life that I can ever remember following the sudden and devastating death of my six year old Flatcoat Retriever, Phoebe. Only 14 months previously we had lost her mother Connie, aged 8, to cancer. My girls were as one and when Connie went, I felt in my heart that Phoebe would be following her mother far sooner than she should. They were my beloved Girls, my pride and joy and my life, they were everything I lived for.

I was given Jackie's name and number by a great friend of mine who had been in touch with her and spoke very highly of her, so with nothing to lose, I contacted her. She was very honest and emailed me to say that although spirits did sometimes come through on readings, she had not previously intentionally gone asking for them, but she felt it was the right thing to do and was willing try for me. I found I could talk to Jackie easily and sensed her depth of feeling which created such a bond. As soon as Jackie started the communication Connie came through and then Phoebe followed wanting to have her say too. The communication with them made me laugh, smile and cry, often all at once! It was so accurate and so poignant, it was truly amazing and has given me hope and peace.

Following this communication, I hope Jackie continues her work with animals who has passed over to the spirit world. She was exceptional.


I thank you Jackie from the bottom of my heart. Tessa


Thank you so much for helping Bracken sort out her problems by talking  to her  and her letting  you know exactly  what  the  problem  was! The  house is now far more  peaceful now she has stopped  barking  at everything. We  had no idea of her ear problems and although the vet initially turned us  away  saying she could not find anything wrong, after us persevering, the vet eventually put her on herbal medication which has helped her with her tinnitus.

This has really helped her and a lot of friends  cannot  believe how much calmer she is when they come round. The funniest thing was when the vet said,  "I wish animals could tell us  their problems,  it would  be  much easier!".   Little  did  she know the reason  I  was pestering her to find a cure was because of Bracken's conversation with Jackie but I don't think she would have believed me if I did tell her. It was also great to know about Bracken's life before we  had her from rescue (she was five when we got her). It did explain why she does a  few   strange things!  And I think  overall the funniest thing was when she gave me some gardening advice - I never knew she took so much interest in the  garden and that  she knows more than I do about gardening!

Thank you Jackie for everything, it is great to get an insight into your dog's mind and you must be very proud to have such a gift.


Neshla - Southampton

Thank you for my spirit reading for Sam Jackie. It was very accurate and made me laugh and feel so much better about how he is doing in spirit. It has brought me and my family much comfort.

Thanks Jackie for a fantastic communication and insight into my boy Ollie.


Immediately you spoke to him he managed, and continues to sleep through the night without asking to be let out. He has also overcome his acute anxiety at the pet parlour now too.

Over the years I have noticed how hard he has tried to talk to me about so many things. This may sound strange but when you have been together as Sam and I you really do have a great bond. I came into contact with Jackie through a friend that had helped her horse with a problem.


A few years ago I had to go away for 3 weeks and it really upset him, he seemed devastated and wouldn't eat for days. This Christmas I had to go and leave him again for only the second time in his life and was worried the same thing would happen again. So I asked Jackie to talk to him and explain that he was only going for a few weeks and that I would be coming back for him. It was amazing he settled in straight away, a few days later I rang my friend and she was amazed at how happy and relaxed he was.

I have had Sam since he was 3 years old, he is now almost 21. He has done everything in life to a very high level; he is a very special horse with no problems or issues.

I can't thank Jackie enough for talking to him and putting his and my mind at rest. I have learnt so much about how he feels and what he finds extra special in life, it has made our bond even closer. Thanks.


Jane Shropshire

Sam, the above horse, said one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard from an animal:


You picked up on so many things that Sam told you such as the fact that we used to say his mouth fur looked like a ginger moustache! Also the fact that the lights flickered a month after he died (you confirmed that it was Sam doing this to let us know he was there watching over us). I would recommend you to anyone wanting an accurate comforting reading.


Thanks, N.

We are both eternally grateful to you - Ollie for helping him become the brave boy he aspired to be, and me for your efforts to relay his fears and explanations.


Mary - Leeds

She talked to him and told me his history, physical problems and we soon realised that he was very emotionally damaged and had mentally shut down. After talking to him, which was very emotional for us all, the change in him is unbelievable, he now neighs to me when I come to the yard and is so much happier and more confident in himself.


Words cannot express how delighted I am that I have now got the bond with my horse and for me that is something that is priceless. This has changed mine and my horse's life and I would recommend Jackie to anyone for their animals. She has now spoken to 4 horses on our yard, some without problems, but just giving them an opportunity to express their views and letting us tell them what we wanted them to know, it has been so touching to hear personally from them all.


Thank you so, so much.  Annemarie and Gerry - Renfrewshire

dawns cats

Thank you so much for such a fantastic communication for my little Scampy (he is "amazing" in his own words!). You were so uncannily accurate about everything. I could not believe it! I have had a few readings for my horses, here in the US, however, none have been as spot on as your reading.

mollie cat PERCY

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My boy Luke came to us as a rescue dog who had been so badly treated, he was destructive and showing worrying aggressive tendencies, he just had no idea of how to trust or be able to relax and be part of a family.


"I love my surroundings and the people that surround me"

What a lovely lady to speak to and what a wonderful reading.


Jackie reported things that were absolutely correct about Misty's passing and that nobody could have known. She also told me a few things that Misty wanted me to know now. I am so glad I did this. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Fiona - Aberdeen


Thank you so much Jackie for the lovely reading with my cat Marmite.


My mum and I were left devastated when he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his abdomen. It had spread and we were left with no option but to put him to sleep. The vet came to our house and he fell asleep in my arms. Some very dark days followed. I blamed myself for not noticing he was ill sooner but Marmite told Jackie that even if it had been caught earlier, he wouldn't have survived chemo due to his kidney problems (he had had kidney trouble for many years) and I realised that it was now time to stop beating myself up.


Jackie told me so many things about Marmite that no one but our family could have known, including things we said at the time of his death. We laughed and cried and Marmite's sense of humour really came across as well as his loving personality. This experience has helped so much with the grieving process and to know that he is not lonely in the spirit world is such a comfort. We both miss Marmite terribly, he was such a wonderful companion and when I shed a tear, I now also smile when I think of our conversation with Jackie.


Jackie is such a kind and wonderful, gifted person and I would recommend this experience to anyone.


Kelly Mcmullan - Cheshire


I was fortunate enough to find Jackie after my beautiful girl passed over as I was broken hearted and did not want to carry on.


I contacted Jackie and the reading was amazing - Jackie immediately started telling me personal details about Guinness and I. She told me how excited Guinness got when we went in the car. So true as was always in the car with me  and would watch me put my trainers on so we could go running. Not only was it correct, but every time I read my notes from the reading it comforts me. I now know she is fine, happy and still a real energy in my life.


I am so impressed, I am going to do the animal communication course with Jackie myself.


I would also like to add Jackie is a really lovely down to earth person, easy to talk too and really understanding.

Thank you so much Jackie.



Angel dog

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I wanted to say thank you to you Jackie for an amazing reading. Since my wonderful horse Tigger passed over, I had been distraught without my soul mate. After speaking to my boy through Jackie I feel so much better.  


Tigger said about the radio in the stables going 'weird' since he had passed and it had - I could not get it to tune to my regular channel at all! It was so nice to know that it was his way of letting me know he was with me. As soon as I had my reading I rushed to stables to check my radio and sure enough it was back to normal... My sweet, clever Tig. The whole reading was so accurate it blew my mind.


Although I still miss my boy terribly, you have eased my heart and I am so thankful to you for that.


Lisa - Cheshire


My Maisy sadly passed away at the age of four from parvovirus. I was absolutely heartbroken. Words cannot describe the pain in my heart still.


I looked online to find anything I could do to connect me with my girl for one last time. I came across Jackie Weaver, an animal psychic. I was a little bit sceptical but took time to  read the reviews and decided to try this for myself. It is the BEST thing I have ever done! She told me details that nobody could possibly know. She connected me with my princess again and we had the most amazing interesting conversation.


As heartbreaking as it is still losing my Maisy, I thought it would be impossible for me feel any better but straight after that phone call I now feel reassured that my girl is safe, happy and most importantly is still around me.


I can't thankyou enough - you are truly amazing and a very blessed human being. Thankyou so much again for helping me through this horrendously hard time.


Leah - Cheshire


We contacted Jackie following the death of our beloved pet rabbit Henry. He and his brother Ollie were like our children, house rabbits that greeted us when we came home with bundles of personality. We were worried about the way in which Henry had died so suddenly, the fact we never got to say goodbye and desperately wanted Ollie to know what had happened to the brother he had spent every moment with since he was born.


Jackie has a calming voice and a familiarity that puts you at ease for what can be an anxious time. She talked first to Ollie and his playful childlike nature came through, he was also more accepting of Henry's passing than we were. She then talked to Henry, this was very emotional for us. It was definitely our boy, he was gentle and calm and she told us things only Henry could have observed.


Cute Rabbits

I would recommend Jackie to anyone, she is completely honest and tells you only what she receives, she doesn't pretend to be anything else. Thank you Jackie for helping us communicate with our buns!


Sherina London

Russian Blue Cat