Spirit animals communicate the same way as animals living on Earth do and will often make us laugh as well! You will need to know yourself if you are emotionally strong enough at the time to do it and, if not, you may want to delay it until the time is right to have a conversation.

This page I dedicate in the memory of my darling cat Stanley. May 2010 - Sept 2013


I know only too well that feeling of desolation and heartbreak that we suffer when they go to Heaven. I know Stan chose me and we loved every minute of our three years on this Earth together. I can truly say, at the time of his sudden passing, my heart felt paralised with pain and sorrow and I continue to endure the grieving process we all have to do. Life does go on and my strength has returned and for every spirit reading, I ask Stan to bring the animals forward to connect with their owners to help try and ease their  heartache too.


Animals leave their Earthly bodies and move to Heaven.  I say 'move' as they are still living, but living in a different place now. The choice of words given to me by Stan for his Angel Cat picture I made from a photo of him was, 'Undying Love'. Those words are so true. I now know from personal experience of many spirit readings they can truly help bring peace and comfort to owners (and sometimes for an animal that is left behind too).

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I was at one of the lowest points of my life that I can ever remember following the sudden and devastating death of my six year old Flatcoat Retriever, Phoebe. Only 14 months previously we had lost her mother Connie, aged 8, to cancer. My girls were as one and when Connie went, I felt in my heart that Phoebe would be following her mother far sooner than she should. They were my beloved Girls, my pride and joy and my life, they were everything I lived for.


I was given Jackie's name and number by a great friend of mine who had been in touch with her and spoke very highly of her, so with nothing to lose, I contacted her. I found I could talk to Jackie easily and sensed her depth of feeling which created such a bond. As soon as Jackie started the communication Connie came through and then Phoebe followed wanting to have her say too. The communication with them made me laugh, smile and cry, often all at once! It was so accurate and so poignant, it was truly amazing and has given me hope and peace.

Following this communication, I hope Jackie continues her work with animals who has passed over to the spirit world. She was exceptional.


I thank you Jackie from the bottom of my heart. Tessa

I booked an appointment and when Jackie rang; I laughed, I cried.....I must have felt every emotion going. Jackie told me so many things about Rosy that no one but our family could have known and once I realised that it really was Rosy talking I was put at ease, it was truly AMAZING! The sense of humour that Rosy had really came across in the things she said, and this experience has helped me so much with the grieving process.


Although I still shed the odd tear when I think about her, I also smile and think about the wonderful things she said during our conversation with Jackie. Jackie truly is such gifted person and I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to have a wonderful chat with their animal friends, alive or in spirit as I did.


Rebecca - Lancashire

We had the pleasure of owning Rosy, our beautiful Irish Draught mare, for nearly 15 years and what a wonderful family horse she was! Not many horses can say they have carried three generations of the same family on their back! She was a horse you really could trust with your life!


Unfortunately she also suffered from laminitis and always seemed to suffer during the cold winter months no matter what we tried to stop kept coming back; we had to make the only decision we could, to take away the terrible pain and put her to sleep. It was quite possibly the worst day of my life and although it was much more peaceful than I imagined, I felt so utterly empty afterwards. I had lost my best friend and confidante. A couple of weeks after I was reading the Sunday paper and came across an article about Jackie, I still felt so low and it seemed to be a way out of these dark times.

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What a beautiful person Jackie Weaver is. I will be ever grateful for her caring, tenderness, towards me. I am a person feeling just a little on the tender side at the moment. Life has been tough these last few years with family and then the loss of our beloved Emma.


Seeing Jackie who was reading at the The Healing Weekend in Somerset, I was drawn towards her to find out how our Emma was, and if it would help me. It certainly did; it was the best thing I have ever done and I certainly have had many readings in my time.


Jackie was absolutely spot on with the reading, I cannot express how accurate and amazing the time spent with her was. I would recommend anybody to see Jackie it will lift your spirits, make you walk with a spring in your step again.


Bless you Jackie.


Anne P Offor. Somerset

My Maisy sadly passed away at the age of four from parvovirus. I was absolutely heartbroken. Words cannot describe the pain in my heart still.


I looked online to find anything I could do to connect me with my girl for one last time. I came across Jackie Weaver, an animal psychic. I was a little bit sceptical but took time to  read the reviews and decided to try this for myself. It is the BEST thing I have ever done! She told me details that nobody could possibly know. She connected me with my princess again and we had the most amazing interesting conversation.


As heartbreaking as it is still losing my Maisy, I thought it would be impossible for me feel any better but straight after that phone call I now feel reassured that my girl is safe, happy and most importantly is still around me.


I can't thankyou enough - you are truly amazing and a very blessed human being. Thankyou so much again for helping me through this horrendously hard time. Leah xxxx

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You can also book for a  spirit reading for an animals that has moved to Heaven.  I say 'moved' as they are still living, but living in a different place now.


I know how connecting with spirit animals can help bring peace and comfort to owners (and sometimes for an animal that is left behind too).


Animals communicate the same way as animals living on Earth do and will often make us laugh as well!

You will need to know yourself if you are emotionally strong enough at the time to do it and, if not, you may want to delay it until the time is right to have a conversation. This is a very sensitive issue and I am only offering it as I have experienced the pure relief/joy etc. it can bring.  

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Please also remember to email me direct to let me know you have made a payment.


The reading with Jackie opened up a whole new world and understanding for me. Whilst I have visited mediums and clairvoyance during my life, I had never really stopped to consider what happens to our beloved pets when they cross over or even contemplated that they could communicate with us once they had gone.


Jackie validated Tess and her life here on Earth and in Heaven. The reading provided complete comfort to both me and the entire family and provided a complete understanding of what happens when the body fails us.


The reading provided us all with the reassurance that we craved, knowing that we had made the right decisions for Tess during her life and that her last couple of weeks had been full of love, not purely suffering.


Paul Butler


When we suddenly lost our beautiful Bonzo during an operation to remove a liver tumour, completely heartbroken we were desperate to find out if animals went to Heaven when they passed away.  We stumbled across Jackie’s website featuring lots of celebrities singing Jackie’s praises and although still very sceptical, we were desperate to know if Bonzo was ok so we decided to give it a go.  Well, it turned out to be quite simply the best thing we have ever done and one of the most amazing surreal experiences ever!


Jackie left us in no doubt that she was communicating with our beautiful boy.  She told us about him being treated for an infection instead of a tumour just before we lost him and that there was nothing we could have done.  Just from a photo of Bonzo, Jackie told us so many personal things that could only have come from our Bonzo which made us both laugh and cry at the same time.


This session with Jackie brought us so much comfort and even though we can no longer see Bonzo, it is so comforting to know he is still around and watching over us.  Jackie is such a friendly, warm and caring person with an incredible talent who has helped heal our broken hearts and we simply can’t thank her enough.  We will always miss Bonzo but thanks to Jackie we now know that we will see him again one day. Thank you so much Jackie!


Kathy & Mark Ford

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Having spent thousands of pounds on vet tests at top specialists in the country, sadly nobody could come up with a diagnosis as to what was wrong with my special boy. Tragically I lost him and was left wondering if I would ever understand what went wrong, and more to the point, could anything else have been done.


Thanks to Jackie using her incredible gift, in one spirit reading my dog was able to give us the clues and pointed to something very valid that had never been considered. Having looked up the internet it all fitted and this led us to a diagnosis and understanding of why had become so ill. His wish was for me to inform the vets of this information so should another dog come their way with his symptoms (of a rare reaction) they may be able to help them.


We can all be at peace now and know that we did the right thing by him and finally have the answer we fought so hard for. I will remember him in the way he wants and look forward to seeing him on the other side with no guilt, just love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts; both mine and Barnabys!


Beth Wakelin


How comforting it was to have a reading with Jackie following the sudden death of my beloved dog, Indi. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Jackie made the whole process very easy – a couple of simple email questions, a photo of Indi and a phone call was booked! I’d thought Jackie would tell me a few things about Indi’s life that she had somehow ‘picked up on’ from the photo but I was amazed when she had an actual conversation with my dog, there and then on the phone with me.


Jackie told me things that only Indi and I would know – how she’d been picked as a puppy, how she’d fitted into our family’s life and what it had been like when she died. My Indi was as confident and joyful as ever, her sense of humour still very much intact! Thank you Jackie, your talent is matched only by your kindness - I will miss my dear dog always but you have given me reassurance that there really is an Afterlife and what’s more, our beloved pets are firmly in it.


     ‘For someone who deals with Heaven, Jackie is wonderfully down to earth.’


Lucy F: Bristol

black labrador puppy Angelic Being

Having a Skype reading with Jackie was so comforting, as we had recently lost our beloved Labrador - Libby to spirit. As a Clairvoyant Medium, I know 100% that our pets live on in the afterlife, but that didn't stop me missing our beautiful girl. Libby had been a massive part of our family for over 14 years and she has left a hole that will never be filled.


Connecting with Jackie was so magical. She is literally like a breath of fresh air, and very down to earth. A lovely lady, who was absolutely spot on with Libby's personality. A dog that was indeed, a 'People pleaser', and 'The softest girl ever' but her sense of humour shone through, too!


Libby said she wanted me to remember her when she was in her prime, and that was to be at the age of eight! This was so apt as… The day before her reading I had been looking at her large and gorgeous picture on our wall. I asked my husband what age was Libby when it was taken. Yes, it was… aged eight!


Jackie said she knew we were there at the end, and thanked us for kissing her head once she had gone. Something Jackie couldn't have possibly known had she not been linking with Libby. Thank you Jackie - from the bottom of my heart....


Alison Wynne-Ryder