I initially contacted Jackie because my little dog, Pluto, was going to have go into quarantine for 30 days. I wanted him to know exactly what was going to happen, and part of me was just plain curious. So I prepared my list of questions and sent Pluto's photo to Jackie, not really knowing what to expect. But the reading with Pluto went so well that I decided to book myself in for a private tuition session.


Before my private session, I felt about as psychic as a wooden chair, but it turns out that animal communication isn't the daunting and intimidating enigma that it first appears to be. You just need a few tips from Jackie, a bit of practice with Jackie's chatty cat, Stanley, and the boldness to take your first baby steps. You won't look back!


"Who knew that animal communication could be such fun?! Booking a session with Jackie is one of the best things I've ever done!

Thank you to Jackie (and Pluto) for giving me back my natural psychic ability!"  Allie Gledhill, Scotland

As lesson takes approximately one hour over Skype - yes ONE hour! If you have indications of psychic ability (as explained on my workshop page) that hour could change your life!


See testimonials below - I have done it for many people. An Animal Communication lesson via Webcam is £85 - the same price as an Animal Communication over Skype or Facetime.


I will do my best to get you going so that you may go out and practice (with friends animals to start with, I will explain to you why) and then, if you want to work professionally  as a communicator I would advice one further lesson where I will get you to read for me and guide as to the various ethics and what you should, and should not say.


If you found you really did struggle to get information, you will at least know how we get the information, so you can keep trying the techniques yourself. Also, I will show you that communicating with animals (spirit and alive) is really it not as complicated as often it is made out to be.


If you book, please remember to email me to let me know. Thank You

Learning how to do Animal Communication over Skype via a webcam is just as effective as truly face-to-face and could change your life forever!


Skype is very simple to use and is FREE!! Most computers, ipads etc. have a webcam feature and it takes a few minutes to set up. If you click on the skype icon and download, you will wonder how you ever lived wth out it! You literally can speak to anyone anywhere in the world.  


I have taught people all over the Europe, and in Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Australia.

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Thank you Jackie for the wonderful work you do to help so many animals, pet owners and other pet psychics. 


Thank you for helping me. I know you must have been through your own journey to get to this point where you can help others - and I want you to know I appreciate that - if it wasn't for you I may not have discovered this!


I would like to share that I have been both inspired & uplifted after doing my training with Jackie. She is an amazing animal communicator with a real heart for her work. Jackie is a natural teacher; caring, encouraging and honest. I really enjoyed our Skype session and would recommend Jackie to anyone wishing to learn how to communicate with animals - she keeps it straightforward and easy to understand.

As a qualified Animal Healer I really wanted to learn the art of communication as I felt it would help me derive more information about the animal I was working with and get a more in depth knowledge about the personality as well as the health issues.  


During my lesson with Jackie I felt like a new world had opened up for me.  I have had glimpses of communicating with animals during my healings but either never believed in my ability, or I blocked it out, thinking it was just my mind putting stuff there.  I spoke to Jackie about my lack of self belief during my Skype lesson and she confidently guided me through techniques to strengthen my abilities and consistently gave me feedback and positive affirmations.


The lesson gave me some tools to take into my own practice and a greatly needed boost in my confidence.  Jackie makes you feel instantly at ease with her down to earth nature and I left the lesson with the feeling that I had known her for a much longer time.


Tara Harley

Thank you Jackie for opening the door to animal communication for me. It really was an inspirational lesson and you are a wonderful teacher. I was nervous before but you confidently guided me throughout and with help from the kind and patient Sally I soon got going!


I am enjoying practicing with my horse and feel so excited for the unfolding of our relationship at a whole deeper level.


I wholeheartedly recommend a skype lesson with Jackie to anyone wanting to learn animal communication. She brings a straightforward and honest approach coupled with a genuine desire to help.


Kristina - Manchester

Learning to 'talk' with animals is a daunting prospect... "Will I be able to do it?" was a question in my mind, but my teacher Jackie  Weaver straight away put me at my ease. Her gentle and straight forward approach made it a most memorable experience.


She guided me through the etiquette of mentally approaching an animal and how to begin a two way conversation. I was able to speak  telepathically and learn so many things about the animal I was communicating with. It all felt so natural.


It was quite simply a wonderful experience and I feel Jackie has helped me to unlock a very special ability I didn't know I had. I feel confident I can now communicate not just with my own animals

but with others that aren't personally known to me.


Thank you so much Jackie.


Jane  -  Spain

This is a testimonial from a lovely lady I invited to my house (so was a personal lesson like a face-to-face on Skype) to learn as she is profoundly deaf but really wanted to learn animal communication. We managed to work our way round a lesson, and I must say, she was one of the best animal communicators I have taught!


'After the brilliant readings with my own dogs, I had a lesson with Jackie to learn to communicate with animals. Firstly I had a small meditation session which was adapted by Jackie to meet my communication needs - normally it required having your eyes closed but I needed to lipread, so, together we were able to make adjustments and we managed to complete the meditation.


After this I had a practice session with her lovely dog Sally, to see if I could tune in and talk to her. I was amazed at what I could get from her! I was able to describe her bed, her toys and a range of activities she loved doing!  I'm not going to say the specifics in case you have a go yourselves! I couldn't believe how easy it was and how I could relay what was being passed on to me. Jackie is so easy to get along with and makes you feel at ease. She explained that it's the most natural thing to do and that is what surprised me. Afterwards I  realised that I have been communicating with animals for most of my life but did not realised that I could! I have simply dismissed it in the past!


The readings and the lesson has changed my future path in life - I have decided to go into communicating with animals and to open doors to other deaf sign language users so they able to access this for themselves. It is so exciting to enter this stage of my life with the world of animal communicating!


A big thank you to Jackie for her patience and for sharing her knowledge with me. It just made my day and I just didn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. '



I was a little unsure if a distance lesson over Skype from another part of the world was going to teach me anything about animal communication, but I had read so much good about Jackie Weaver that I decided to give it a go.


To say I was nervous is putting it mildly. What if I got it wrong? What if I couldn't do it? What if I made a fool of myself?  Well Jackie's warm, kind and patient demeanour put all my fears to rest and I absolutely loved every moment of our lesson.


I do volunteer therapy work at Riding for the Disabled Australia.  Her lesson has helped me so much with reading and communication with equines and other animals.  One of the first horses I communicated with after my lesson had physcial issues that 'surprisingly' I immediately picked up on and the next day were confirmed by a vet!


Thank you Jackie for helping me improve and help our beloved animals.  You are truly a gifted teacher and Animal Psychic.


Dawn - Queensland Australia

After our dog Panda passed away, my partner and I started to investigate animal communicators as a way of hopefully getting in touch with his spirit. We were very fortunate to find Jackie, with whom we had a wonderful spirit animal reading. Following the reading we were keen to learn how to get in touch with Panda ourselves, so we signed up for a one-day animal communication course in London. Unfortunately the course left us feeling completely demoralised and convinced that neither of us had what it took to communicate with animals.


Having had such a positive experience in the reading with Jackie, we decided to try communication teaching over Skype even though we were sure that it we didn't have the gift, and it would probably end in failure.


Jackie's approach was completely different from the other course, and we were astonished by how much progress we made in a single session. She very quickly and clearly guided us through the techniques and gave us loads of time for intensive practice. It was an extremely powerful session and at the end we felt excited and confident to continue practising on our own, as she had really given us the tools to develop what we had learnt.


That same night I tried the techniques myself and, miraculously, had a conversation with Panda's spirit, which brought tears to my eyes as I had never thought I would be able to experience that kind of direct communication. I can't recommend Jackie's communication sessions strongly enough!  Lily and James - London.

'Thank goodness we didn't give up and tried Jackie's way of teaching'...