I in July I had a wonderful visit to Manechance Sanctuary which is run by a friend of mine, the actress Jenny Seagrove. The animals were so happy there in spite of some terrible trauma/treatment in some of their lives. Apart from rescuing these animals they are now going one step further, they are letting the animals share their love with people and children. They even go to see terminally ill children, can you imagine the joy they bring and the sense of giving back these animals feel too.


Please check them out on my charity page and you can even follow them on Facebook just to lend moral support. They are completely self-funded and work so hard to raise funds to keep the sanctuary going. 


Here is Jenny and I with a young rescued filly now called Millie as she passed me the request for a name change herself!

Newsletter cat IRISH EXAMINER PICTURE Mane Chance Jenny and Jackie

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying this beautiful weather and your animals are coping with it too.


In my last newsletter I said I was going to Southern Ireland to do a fundraiser and wow, it turned into much more than that. I am indebted to 'The Two Cathy's' who did so much organising and this led to press interest.



Before I went over, I did a Skype reading with journalist's dog and the dog was hilarious and the journalist was very honest which led to the headline 'Pet psychic really can talk to the animals!'

This led me to being on TV3 (Ireland's breakfast TV) and then on to Ryan Tubridy's radio show chatting to 5 animals on air! Ryan(who is the host of The Late Late Show) was lovely and openly sceptical but I really think I gave him food for thought :)

As for the animal communication evening to raise funds, we had a great turnout and raised over a £1000!

I also did a workshop and I proud that I know I have got another communicator working out there already helping the animals.

For more info about my trip...

As you have gathered, I love teaching and spreading the word. I am delighted that I have two more animal communication workshops booked.


Leebotwood near Shrewsbury September 22nd 2013



Fareham near Southampton October 27th 2013



Click on Picture to go to my Workshop Venues page

Hi Everyone,

Talking about my website, I have now got an updated version which is now responsive for all iPads, mobiles etc. as I try to keep up with this technological age we live in! It also has quite a few animated pictures for added interest (and cuteness) too.

Last but not least, I am delighted that I have been asked to go to a psychic fair in October near Southampton (The day before my workshop there.) I have not done one in years and didn't really intend doing any more but this will be the first one my good friend Neshla Avey has run and although it is to raise spirits (literally and emotionally ) it is to make funds for charity. I am delighted to go and support her in her new venture. Neshla started off as a client (she is in my second book) and we have become personal friends which is another delightful side of the wonderful work I have been destined to do. I do hope to meet some of you in person there. For more info, click on the banner.

Take care everyone and if you want to share this with your friends, please feel free to do so. And, if they want to sign up to receive it personally in future, just click on my very intelligent cat and he will take you there:)





Neshla MBS ANIMAL PSYCHIC NEWS BANNER Animal communication workshop

Love and lots of laughter until the next time...


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Hi Everyone,  


I hope this finds you and your animals well. A warm welcome to all my new subscribers and a thank you for those of you who drop me emails to say you enjoyed my newsletter efforts.

The title 'Sorrow and Joy' might seem strange, but I have to say, September turned into a very sad month for not just me, but many of my clients and friends - even the horse featured on the front of my Animal Insight book passed over very suddenly.

Snow Cat

I, my husband Bob, and  Sally his canine friend, were devastated at the loss of our dear little cat Stan, who like so many  cats in spirit I talk to, lost his life on a road. I can truly say, that I felt like my heart had been ripped out, thrown down and trampled upon, but at least I know he is always with me and is an Angel and he was in his Earth life too. His first words he sent me from the spirit world were,

"Remember me, I am not far away and will forever in your heart stay."

I thank all my wonderful friends who supported me during this awful time and say a huge appreciation to the patient clients who waited for me to surface back to face the world and work again. At the end of this I have included a picture of him with the poem that I wrote the night he passed over - he was buried with his own copy signed with love from his 'mum and dad'. I have only just gained the strength to read it and print it up - I have left it to the end in case you are at work or would rather read it at another time.

Onto the subject of Joy...


Here is me on the set of ITV This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofiled. I was one of their cat judges in their feline factor competition.

This involved a few trips up and done to London and even some location filming too. I was invited to join and use my psychic skills to give my opinions and insights. I was alongside Arlene Philips, Sally Tokens (who is a cat expert) and Tom Fletcher from McFly who was the host and a huge cat lover.


The live final with be on this coming Thursday (7th) so tune in to ITV This Morning and hope you enjoy.

Cat Competition

This is me and the lovely Neshla Avey who had organised her first ever fayre. I don't usually go to fayres but I wanted to support her as we have a great connection going back quite a few years.


She spotted me on a TV show and needed help with her dog. I helped her dog and at that time I needed a professional editor for my books and that is her job! But, this goes way further - sadly her cat Fred met the same fate as our little Stanley but from Heaven told me to tell Neshla she could do far more spiritual work than she was doing at that time.

I really should be getting some train mile reward points...


as, apart from my London trips, I have also fitted in a trip to Fareham, which is near Southampton.

She spotted me on a TV show and needed help with her dog. I helped her dog and at that time I needed a professional editor for my books and that is her job! But, this goes way further - sadly her cat Fred met the same fate as our little Stanley but from Heaven told me to tell Neshla she could do far more spiritual work than she was doing at that time. I still laugh when Neshla said, "I am not sure about that' but her cat said she would go on to teach, stand up and give talks, and do so many others things you would not believe!! And, do you know what? She now does and is doing a wonderful job out there. I love all these great synchronicities.


Apart from the fayre, I also did a workshop whilst I was down there. I thank everyone who came and we had some amazing things happen and some great proof that people can be psychic and just not realise it!

Neshla Avey

Talking of workshops...


I had a great time in Cardiff, as Kim Dowdell (whose animals I had communicated with previously) invited me to be a speaker at her Cardiff venue.

Animal Communication Lecture

We had a great turnout and apart from chatting about my work, I did a mini-workshop and we had some great results. One lady saw and my guide cat and  gave his name. Bob, who was there, but out of the room at this point, came back into the room and I asked him to describe my guide and give his name - the lady was most amazed, as was I, as that had never happened before! The next lady saw and described our Stan, complete with his  blue collar. Before the start of the event, Bob and I did send a little message to spirit and I think they made themselves very apparent :)

I now have a list of people from Cardiff would like to attend a full day workshop. So if you would like to come please email me. Also... a TV programme has approached me as they are doing a documentary about various alternative animal treatments, cares etc. This is a hugely positive step as this will be a great opportunity for people to see how lots of people really can do this and I hope that by showing my simple approach to learning might blow away some of the myths and complications that I feel do not need to be there. Animals communicate naturally, so I try to keep things as easy and straight forward as possible.

As I mentioned above, In loving memory of Stan, who I know many of you knew from his Facebook photos and tales and the people he  taught. He is still helping people learn and I now call upon him for my spirit work and he has helped me to connect to many beautiful souls that have passed over too.

Rainbow Bridge Poem

With warm wishes to you all

Jackie x