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Sometimes the press out there can be rather harsh but, in my mind, the work I can do for the animals far out-ways any negativities they write.  Often their stories seem to reach people in a good way too.

So, as long as they keep writing about animal communication, it keeps putting it out there which has to be a good thing and far more important than my personal feelings.







The real-life Doctor Dolittle: Pet Psychic

talks to Polly  Hudson's two Cats


'It is nearly an understatement to say that being able to have a conversation with my cats would be the very best thing that could ever, ever happen to me - so my expectations before meeting Jackie were pretty high.

It is an equal understatement to report that it proved to be the most important experience of my entire life to date. And I can't imagine anything could ever top it...'

polly and me

Although my work if often of a serious nature, it is full of fun as well. Doing this live show was a great way to let people know that animal psychic work does exist and can be great fun too. I actually did 25 minutes with Russell for the audience but it was edited down to 7 minutes for the Tv slot. Sadly, my chat with his dog, Archie, was not fitted in.

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Dog owner William Roache has long been in touch with his spiritual side. So when approached by animal communicator Jackie Weaver, he was surprised by what he uncovered...

Sunday Express

Article by Jane Flanagan

Kevin Moore interviewing me about how I became and an animal communicator and chatting about my 'with The Animal Psychic' books.

I was delighted to be asked to go on ITV This Morning with the lovely William Roache from Coronation Street. Apart from talking about my work with William and his dogs. I also gave information, live on air, to Holly about her cat, Roxy. This was well received and described by Holly Willoughby as, 'absolutely spot on!'.  


Pet psychic Jackie Weaver stunned Dan Buckley (journalist) with what she found out after a video ‘chat’ with his trusty dog Rusty...

After doing a communication with a fabulous horse for highly respected rider, Angelea Walkup, she featured me in one of her 'Tune in. Tack up' articles. A very informative site for all horse lovers.

horsegirl tv

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My work seems to have caught the attention of the media - I have been interviewed, featured, written about in several newspaper and magazine articles and had good book reviews and recommendations too.


Intro video by MDTV for The Animal Psychic, Jackie Weaver live on radio 9pm pacific time. I will be communicating with Diana Elkin's dog and talking about Matthew Rhys (The Americans) whose mustangs are in my Celebrity Pet Talking book.

Short (47 sec) Intro Video by MDTV

Pet psychic really can talk to the animals!



Wednesday, May 15, 2013  (Copyright Irish Examiner.)



Quote... It is a familiar cry of many animal lovers: “If only that dog could talk — the tales he would tell”. Pet psychic Jackie Weaver believes they can and tells me that my king charles spaniel, Rusty, is quite the chatterbox as they both have a good old natter in an online video link-up.


“He tells me he is not your typical king charles as he is brave and daring, while they are mostly timid.” This is true. “Your daughter keeps telling him how cute he is” — also true. “He says he smells at times, but it is not his fault.” Spot on, as Rusty has a dodgy tummy...

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Pet Communicator

The feature of the week was about animals and should they have funerals. I talk about that and how animals’ lives should be celebrated whilst they are here and how I connect to animals who have passed over.

In May 2013 my Charity event for the Animal Care Society in Ireland raised over £1000!

These funds went towards their huge vet  bills as they have so many animal in their care. They do a fantastic job and are completely self funded and need all the support they can get.  It was a great night and thanks to all who came. 


Animal Charity Fundraising with The Animal Psychic Animal Rescue Centre

Charity Fundraiser for Animal Care Society - Cork

ITV This Morning's Cat Psychic.

I was delighted to be asked to be a psychic cat judge on an ITV This Morning competition, What's New Pussycat. I, and the other two judges: Arlene Phillips who was a judge on Strictly Come Dancing, and Sally Tokens a cat expert worked with our host Tom Fletcher of  Pop Rock Band McBusted to find Britain's Top Cat. We had having such a fun time.

For more info, go to

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Is There An Afterlife?     Do Animals Have Souls?

The Big Questions, on Sunday 1st of June 2014, 'Is there an afterlife - do animals have souls' was the topic of debate. I have to say, having listened to other people's points of view, I know there is much work still to be done out there to show that animals are sentient beings.

The Big Questions

This BBC1 show is hosted by Nicky Campbell., who, fortunately is known to be an avid dog lover! This was a strong debate as I truly believe that that animals live on in spirit, just as people do. I also know that animals can think and feel just like we can but, amazingly others will say they don't! I was the voice on behalf of the animals and stood up for them and my beliefs too!

Spirit Animals Russian Blue Cat