My main aim in life is to spread the word that psychic communication is possible and can also help animals with problems. This type of work also lends itself well to help raise funds for good causes too. I have great fun doing events and have been invited to all variety of places.  


These range from an evening at the exclusive Babington House Hotel, a Masonic Lunch, a Womens Institute Evening, Pony and Adult Riding Club Camps, Private Parties and many more places.


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Over a £1000  was raised by doing this psychic evening. There was a excellent turnout for the evening which was helped by an extremely honest article by journalist, Dan Buckley, of The Irish Examiner newspaper, who I know was initially a sceptic. I did an psychic communication via skype webcam with him and his dog Rusty.

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Through one of the Celebrities in my third book, I was delighted to be invited to the exclusive Babington House to do a talk/book signing and demonstrate how I can really talk to the animals. It was a great evening and I had chats with several animals and even a spirit one too. This all goes to help my 'Spread the Word to Help Them' campaign. I thank everyone for efforts made on my behalf, I had a most enjoyable evening and stay.

I had a delightful evening in Oswestry. I thank Sue for inviting me and organising it and  all those people who came. The evening raised money for The Blue Cross and a lot of smiles too!

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Pet psychic really can talk to the animals!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Pet psychic Jackie Weaver stunned Dan Buckley with what she found out after a video ‘chat’ with his trusty dog Rusty


It is a familiar cry of many animal lovers: “If only that dog could talk — the tales he would tell”. Pet psychic Jackie Weaver believes they can and tells me that my king charles spaniel, Rusty, is quite the chatterbox as they both have a good old natter in an online video link-up.


“He tells me he is not your typical king charles as he is brave and daring, while they are mostly timid.” This is true. “Your daughter keeps telling him how cute he is” — also true. “He says he smells at times, but it is not his fault.” Spot on, as Rusty has a dodgy tummy...

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This page is now all of past events, and only some of them!

I do apologise, that this page is so out of date. I am still working so don't worry, and my bookings page is all up-to-date.


I have got so much on that I don't have the time to do all this type of work too.


I am now on my 8th book, have a new magazine column and am travelling here there and everywhere for media things.


I have got a workshop in Lincoln in the summer and also a yard event in Essex and other things going on too. Info about these will be put on my site when nearer the time.

This is such a special event at such a wonderful place. It is a huge event and raising money for rescued wildlife. Over the three days I will be doing animal communication workshops and also private animal readings too.