Animal communication is achieved by tuning in to them telepathically using the psychic ability of my mind to join in on their wavelength. (Telepathy is how animals communicate with each other - they don't only talk when they bark, neigh or meow etc). This can be done in their presence, or at a distance. Distant animal communication, which is how the majority of my work is done, is achieved by looking at a photo or being given the animal's description. The animals then give me information in the forms of vision (like a video replay), sounds, and emotional and physical feelings, which I relay back to the owners.

Animals are wonderful as they are non-judgemental, honest, very forgiving, loyal and intuitive. I do not make anything up or change things to suit, I treat this with the honesty that they, and you, deserve. I can pick up on their personality and will verify at the beginning of the communication that we are talking to your animal. They will tell me all different things from their perspective, i.e. likes, experiences etc.  These are things that you would know of and it turns into a wonderful experience. This is just as lovely for the animal to be able to talk to you, as you to hear what they have to say.


Animals seek love, loyalty, happiness and fulfilment - just as we humans do, and I am so lucky that they can share it with me, to then share it with you. You'll be amazed and you will enjoy being able to talk more to your animal with the clearer understanding that - if they can talk to me, then they can certainly understand what you say too.

Straight from a dog's mouth, "It's as good for us, as it is for you,"  which I personally think says it all!

About Animal Communication...

I tend to look on animals like children, in the sense that they would rather tell you the good things than the sad (most of the time). Should you have a problem, then I can discuss this with them and start the healing process in the way that the animals want and works with you too.


Although we are ethically bound not to diagnose, that is vets place to do so, I will tell you what your animals show or tell me and this can help guide you when treatment may be required. My background in veterinary nursing and horses does help me understand the physical symptoms and recognise the difference between behavioural and physical.

If an animal is showing me an emotional problem I tend to look on this as pet counselling. As we all know, we sometimes carry 'baggage' and just to be able to tell someone makes you feel better, so this lets your pets unburden themselves and hopefully look to the future instead of the past.


Whilst chatting with your animal, if there is a problem I will endeavour to help achieve a solution that can bring harmony and understanding to all concerned. I cannot promise they will change, but many do when things have been explained to them. Animal communication has given me an real insight into the way they think and often shows what we take for granted and tend to presume - they would simply understand too!

(This horse, Blondie, is featured in an emotional story in my Animal Insight book and our meeting was captured on a mobile phone in 2007.)

horse_getting_up horse_jackie Cute Pony Black dog Dalmation dog

Thank you so much for such a fantastic communication for my little Scampy You were so uncannily accurate about everything. I could not believe it! I have had a few readings for my horses, here in the US, however, none have been as spot on as your reading.  It was just fantastic and I will be back for more in the future with all my animals!

She helped me see the extent of Luke's abuse and how we could help him overcome his anxieties using various connection techniques and giving me a better insight to his unhappiness. Jackie is not only a god send to loving owners but, in Luke's case, a lifeline, he is now a happy, content and extremely different dog.

This was immensely reassuring to me and helped me feel more positive about the operation, this, I'm sure helped me not to pass my fears on to him. There are insufficient words to thank Jackie enough for all she has done for Sid and me. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who feels they need insight into their animal's problems.

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Animal Communicators are described in various different ways: Pet Psychic, Horse Whisperer, Pet Medium, Pet Communicator, Animal Psychic etc. etc. Whatever our description, we are all trying to achieve the same goal, and that is to link to the animal's mind to be able to give information to their owner. This can be to help an animal or simply share their thoughts, feelings, conversation with their owners / carers.

Cat kisses

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Sometimes it is hard to explain exactly what I do, and how I do it.


I was delighted to be asked by Joanna Crosse of MetaMedia to do some filming with her company. Apart from filming for another project, she took me to visit her friend Fiona to make some videos of me communication with her pets. Here is an example of me working and having a '3-way-conversation'. I hope it gives you a clearer understanding.


Here is one of them. Her cat Jezzy is 19 years old and shows a good example of how straight forward animals are about thier quality of life and if things changed... Click here to watch


I will post some of the others soon.

 Cat Communcation

Here is an example of my way of Communicating with Animals.

The Magnificats - Britain's Most Famous Internet Cats

Rocky... One of the Seven 'Magnificats' - England's Most Famous Internet Cats

These wonderful cats bring joy to so many and when Rocky passed over, not only were his family devastated, but so many of the million plus fans too. He touched so many people's hearts and to connect with him from spirit was such a pleasure and honour. I share here such a kind and amazing testimonial from his owner Sasha...

Pure in heart. A direct line to the Universe.


The first thing to strike me upon speaking with Jackie was her warmth, openness and purity. She doesn't have an axe to grind or ego to inflate. She's a lovely woman; pure in a way which is rare.


Her contact with Rocky was rapid, direct and virtually unfiltered. The level of detail she picked up on was impressive and utterly accurate. She treated Rocky as a grown-up; as a sentient being with a soul to be heard, carefully considered and trusted. Her readings are not cluttered or coloured with vague interpretations: if she's puzzled by a comment, she will say so, and this leaves room for the special relationship between pet and pet owner to explain. What joy to be able share the reason and reminisce.


The depth of wisdom, subtlety and sheer beauty she's able to convey from our deceased animals is breathtaking. I look forward to many more future sessions with Jackie. I'm happy that the Universe brought us together. She does important work with humour and humility. She's the real deal.

If you would like to follow the wonderful lives and pictures of the 'Magnificats' on Facebook 

Visit their page. Rocky The Magnificats