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I have been so fortunate to have met so many wonderful celebrities / personalities whose animals I have communicated with. Below are some endorsements that they were kind enough to write about my animal communication and what it meant to them. I am truly grateful for their trust and also for having such gorgeous animals for me to chat to.


I have read for many TV presenters, authors, actors, stars of screen and stage as well as some Hollywood movie stars too. Also, some well-known people from the horse world and even a Grand National winning horse himself!

fox terrier

Many of celebrities' animal communications are in the Celebrity Pet Talking book but not all.  I fully respect everyones right to privacy, famous or not,  and all readings are always confidential unless they wish their story to be shared.


Through working with wonderful media personalities, it is my hope their endorsements will help people realise that animal communication is a reality. This can, and will, make a difference to animals' lives and welfare.


I am delighted my Celebrity book has received great reviews and it is selling worldwide: France, Cyprus, America, India, New Zealand and even made it to the Middle East!

Paul and I really enjoyed our session on Skype with Jackie talking to Mr Big and Mr Bentley. We learned so much about our dogs and what they are thinking. It was so useful to learn that Big had some pain with his hips, we have now put him on supplements and now he is walking so much easier now.


Clare and Paul

Paul McKenna Hypnotist

"I had a magical hour chatting to Louie and Millie. There was no hiding it was them - their personalities came through loud and clear. It was very reassuring too!!


Jenny Seagrove

'To hear personally what my horses wanted to share with me was astounding, incredible and something everybody should experience.

In a society seemingly obsessed with 'communication' it's ironic that those who sometimes play an enormous and pivotal role in our lives are so overlooked. These animals that we so often share our homes with, and whom we share such vast swathes of our time, know so much more than most us would ever have thought. Meeting Jackie showed and proved to me how fundamentally important this is. Its reward is immediate, apparent, and incredibly gratifying.

Obviously it works both ways - just like good communication and how wonderful it would be if this opportunity was given to animals far and wide ensuring a far better understanding for the animal kingdom.

It is now our job to communicate that to others.'


"Jackie Weaver is a real life Dr Doolittle - I was completely blown away by Jackie's ability to communicate with my cats and she was spot-on about their personalities too!" I have worked with many people in the psychic/paranormal world and I have to say, being able to join in with a 3-way-conversation with my cats, is something I will never forget."

Thank you Jacky

"I've  always  questioned how  our dogs have  all been so different,  like small adults with extreme personalities. It was great fun to chat with Jackie who confirmed my belief, Hugo knows he's top dog in my house! He rules the roost and has us all running around after him. What incredible self belief - imagine learning life skills from my own dog!"


"The answers  Jackie got from  KC were truly amazing.  For instance, she pinpointed the exact site of an old injury and described our favourite walk perfectly. That wasn't what surprised me the most though. KC is a very shy dog and doesn't respond well to strangers (or even friends she sees often). So, I wondered, with some trepidation, if she'd even settle enough to allow Jackie to work with her. I needn't have worried. It was obvious from a few seconds in that KC was very pleased to be able to answer Jackie's questions, and loved her energy. KC was calm and relaxed from start to finish, and I genuinely believe that she was relishing 'her day', and her chance to speak through Jackie. It is a wonderful gift Jackie has, of that there's no doubt."

"Jackie Weaver is a delightful and charming person who has an amazing ability. There are no pauses, or staring into the Ether, she just relays in a very matter of fact way, usually with humour, what the dogs are thinking. It was wonderful to be able to put questions to our dogs, to hear if they were happy or not and wonderfully funny to hear some of their views about us. My daughter Verity and I had such an amusing and informative time that we did not want it to end. Apart from being entertaining it was really useful to hear what our dogs had to say, and both Verity and myself said afterwards that we now felt much closer to our dogs, and understand them so much better. Jackie was spot on with everything she said, not a single comment was out of place. If you have concerns about your dog, or are just curious about what they are thinking then Jackie Weaver is the person for you."

William Roache

“I loved watching you work, it was amazing. We all love our animals and it's always nice to know what they think of us!"

Barrie John and Azlan (the Narnia Lion!)

"Watching Jackie work was really magical and fascinating. I have now discovered that my pet rats hold a high and very loving opinion of me, even if they do get annoyed at my novelty alarm in the mornings!"

Anna Forrester

"It was amazing and funny to hear what our three cats had to say. Jackie described their personalities perfectly and talked about some of the games they played and places they went, which was exactly right. I watch the cats now and and laugh as I know what they are doing and why they do it! It was reassuring to know they are all happy and content."

In his own words when I asked what did he think of the Grand National? Binderee's reply was,

"It was great, it made me famous!"

He is now retired and enjoying his life of leisure. Thank you to Caroline Mackness who was kind enough to organise for me to meet him as he was in her care at the time of the communication.

All photographs and content are subject to copyright

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kim Hill my wonderful friend for all her help and support and for her superb note taking duties on our trips.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jackie Fennell for her fantastic artwork for this part of my site and for all my books. If you would like to see any of her other work which also includes a commission done for one of the above celebrities, just click on her card.

JACKS ART CELEB AND DOG celebrity pet taling animated

JENNY SEAGROVE: Renowned Television, Film and Theatre Actress.

PAUL McKENNA: Renowned TV Hypnotist and Self Improvement Expert.


International Actor: The Americans, Mr Darcy, Brothers and Sisters

JACKY NEWCOMB: Multi-award-winning Author, TV Presenter and Columnist

MELISSA PORTER: TV Presenter, Writer and Property Expert.

WILLIAM ROACHE MBE: Aka Ken Barlow Coronation Street.

BARRIE JOHN: Celebrity Medium on TV's

'Most Haunted'. A multi-award winning TV Medium, and Columnist.


© Gill Shaw Photography

JENNY SMEDLEY cat with hat

ANNA FORRESTER: Winner of Wildest Dreams. BBC Wildlife Researcher.

DEAN SPINK: Award Winning Ex-professional Premiership Footballer. Sports Radio Commentator.

BINDAREE - Winner of Grand National

2002.  A Celebrity Pet in his own right!

JENNY SMEDLEY: Radio and TV Presenter, Best-selling Author, Songwriter and Columnist.

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LINUS ROACHE: International Actor:

Law and Order, The Vikings.

Linus Roache

"Jackie opened my mind to a dimension of our interconnectivity that I had never seen before. She is not only a great animal communicator but is also a gifted teacher.”


Linus Roache

Russian Blue Cat