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I know what I, and other animal psychics do, often sounds unbelievable and this I totally understand. I know in my heart of hearts what I do is genuine and can be so helpful to a distressed/confused animal or one that simply would like the chance to 'chat' their owners. To demonstrate to the public that animals can communicate the best way was to let the celebrities do the talking, well, their animals to be precise.

This book contains 21 celebrities and 37 animals and is just under 300 pages full of the communications I had with their animals. They have approved every word I have written and many have gone onto help me spread the word more as they could see how funny, helpful and simply joyful having a psychic chat with their pet was. I have been truly touched by these lovely people who trusted me to talk to their animals and giving me the opportunity to spread the word with the help of their celebrity platform.


Book Description

This is a unique opportunity to hear what celebrities' animals have told Jackie, a renowned and respected, Animal Psychic. Jackie's amazing gift came to the fore having beaten cancer in 2005 and she is dedicated in her efforts to make a difference for the animal kingdom. Her communications with these celebrities' pets will leave you in no doubt that animals can converse with people and do understand what you say. Thanks to these celebrities endorsing her work, her dream has come ever closer as even more people will start to see animals as the wonderful and sentient beings they really are. Hear all about the lives and thoughts of animals belonging to people such as: William Roache MBE, Stephanie Beacham, Paul McKenna, Jacky Newcomb, Tony Stockwell...

This was my first book which is full of genuine stories of how I managed to use animal communication to help and change lives of animals and their owners and how it changed my life too. Although it is not a teaching book I share with you how I use my psychic mind to telepath to animals and how I set up 'bonding keys' with them to help overcome problems. It is also full of laughter as, believe it or not, animals are just as funny as people, often more so. With the previous publisher on that listing I had 34 reviews and managed to gain an Amazon No.1 spot in 2010.


Book Description

An entertaining and insightful collection of genuine cases of animal communication, by Jackie Weaver - 'The Animal Psychic', talented and renowned in this field - as seen on TV! From being so close to death, Jackie takes you on a journey of mirth and tears showing how incredibly through this gift that undoubtedly changed her life but also for so many animals' lives too. Since this book was first published in 2009, Jackie has communicated with many celebrities' pets who have endorsed her work and this has helped spread the word that animals can, and do, communicate with us and understand so much more than most people realise. They really are like us, but just in a different type of body!


Foreword: If you are a psychic and an animal lover, this is the book for you. If you are not a psychic, nor an animal lover, this is still the book for you! The stories will help you to understand how animals think and communicate and how the psychic faculty works. The underlying theme of this book, as in life, is love. Jackie Weaver loves all animals and loves her work. This is a heart warming, intriguing and most enjoyable book.

William Roache MBE - aka Ken Barlow, Coronation Street.

Jackie Weaver celebrated having been given the all clear this year after being diagnosed with what should have been terminal cancer back in 2005. Once again she has achieved yet more outstanding results and helped change the lives of not just the animals but their owners too. This book takes you further into her journey which is guaranteed to take you on an emotional ride with her stories using animal communication to bring about incredible transformations. Some will surely tug at your heart-strings and others bring laughter to your lips. Whatever they do - they will leave you in no doubt that Jackie can, and does, talk to the animals and is out there making a difference for the animal kingdom. Through her celebrity pet talking work, she is trying to make a difference for the animal kingdom by sharing their animal communication stories to help show that there is far more to animals than most people realise.


Book Description

This was my second book and again full of case histories and some that will bring tears to your eyes but I was honoured to be part of the lives of these animals and their owners and many I keep in contact with to this day. Once again there are so many moments of laughter and animal antics and also this book does touch onto the spiritual side of animals that have passed over but amazingly the joy and happiness their connection back to this Earth has shown us.


Foreword: If you have opened this book and are reading this, then you are either a believer or curious and therefore open to persuasion. Trust me, Jackie talks to animals. She is not alone - I know of other people who are able to communicate with our furry companions in this way, but she has the added gift of a sense of humour. These are marvellous, heart warming, funny, touching stories that give us a breathtaking insight into our animals and the way they live their lives and relate to us.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Jenny Seagrove - Actress aka Jo Mills, Judge John Deed.

Book description:

Jackie Weaver ‘The Animal Psychic’ is recognised as one of the leading animal communicators in this field and a best-selling author. Her passion and integrity is clear to see when on appearing on television and shines through in her literally works too.This book is a compilation of owner’s stories, in their words, about Jackie’s spirit communication with their animals in Heaven.


Foreword by Jackie Dennison Clairvoyant Medium & Host of Rescue Mediums TV... Being able to pass messages on from deceased loved ones is something that mediums strive to do with compassion and honesty.  Passing on messages from animals is something else entirely and yet, amazingly, that is what Jackie Weaver is able to do. She is a born animal psychic with an incredible gift, the gift of being able to communicate with animals.


She is a real life Dr Doolittle, able to connect with those that are still alive and wanting to let us know how they feel, and also those that have passed on to spirit. She gives absolute proof that they have survived the change that we call ‘death’, giving us peace of mind that they are happy and well. The animals give Jackie information that she could never have known unless they had told her themselves. Uncanny, but true!


In this book you will laugh and cry, as I did, at the heartfelt stories filled with emotion, joy and honesty, but essentially with the added ingredient of love and understanding that is the thread that runs throughout.

The Voice of Spirit Animals: with The Animal Psychic 2014

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There are many animal communication books out there and obviously our writing styles vary, as does the way we work. I find the best way in life is to keep things as simple and easy as possible so I write my books in a conversational style and in short story format. They are easy to pick up and put down and are not filled with non essential descriptive etc.

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What is Eamonn Holmes saying about Celebrity Pet Talking?

(The copy he had was the orignal cover.)

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This book is compiled of all spirit animal readings that I have done. The stories are written by the animals' owners themselves to be included in this book. On the cover is my very own Stan, who now guides me from spirit himself. It has been very well received and the readers enjoy the individual way the stories have been written.

Animal Communication from Heaven and Earth : by The Animal Psychic 2014


I am amazed that I have actually released two books in one year! When I was putting together my spirit book (below) so many clients offered me their stories and so, three months later this was published too! It is not just spirit animals this time, it is a mixture of spirit and living.

Product information:

This is number five in the ‘The Animal Psychic’ series and all communications, are genuinely from work she has done. The owners of the animals that Jackie communicated with have written their stories personally to be included in this book. The animals range from pet rabbits to horses and some are in Heaven, and others still on Earth. The living stories show how Jackie has managed through her communication skills to solve problems and help the animals and their owners. The spirit stories are very moving and show that animals do live in spirit and how connecting with them when they have passed over is possible.


The animals range from pet rabbits to horses and some are in Heaven, and others still on Earth. The living stories show how I has managed, through my  communication efforts, to solve problems and help the animals and their owners. The spirit stories are very moving and show that animals do live in spirit and how connecting with them when they have passed over is possible.


Words from back of book...

'Jackie Weaver is an amazing animal psychic. She understood my dogs to perfection and what she said was interesting, amusing and really helped me to get closer to them.  Jackie has helped many people overcome problems with their animals. However, what is even more fantastic are her communications with animals that have passed over and how she has helped their owners to come to terms with their grief. This is an extraordinary book with great stories that will fill you with an array of heartfelt emotions.'

William Roache, MBE

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