I try to be as open and as clear as possible about the service I offer. It is world-wide service and I have done my best to explain how it works. So please, especially if you have not experienced a psychic animal communication on the phone before, take the time to read this page before booking and if you have any more questions, please feel to email me.

This can be sent by cheque with photo to me, or by email and paid through the Paypal link, photos can also be sent to my mobile. All the various options will be on the email I will send to you in response to yours; it will also tell you the information I need, i.e. name, age etc. My guarantee is that I will give you information from your animal to verify that it is your animal I am connected with. Then, whilst on the phone, I will talk to you and your animal.


This is like a 3 way conversation, (this applies to spirit readings too - see below) very much like having a conversation with another person! I will give you lots of information, likes, dislikes, health etc. and also ask them any questions you may have. Please have a pen and paper at the ready and allow the time for a long chat!

An Animal Communication is £75 over the phone & £85 for webcam chat.

(Sometimes the Paypal button plays up. To get round this - take a note of my email address on the bottom of my contact page. Log into your Paypal account, click Send Money, Personal, then Services, this will get a payment to me just the same.)

For your assurance - all persons who work as Psychics and Mediums, are subject to the Office of Fair Trading as set out by a government law introduced in 2008.

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You can also book for a  spirit reading for an animals that has moved to Heaven.  I say 'moved' as they are still living, but living in a different place now.


I know how connecting with spirit animals can help bring peace and comfort to owners (and sometimes for an animal that is left behind too).


Animals communicate the same way as animals living on Earth do and will often make us laugh as well!

You will need to know yourself if you are emotionally strong enough at the time to do it and, if not, you may want to delay it until the time is right to have a conversation. This is a very sensitive issue and I am only offering it as I have experienced the pure relief/joy etc. it can bring.  See testimonials

A Spirit Animal Communication is £75 over the phone & £85 for webcam chat.

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You might also appreciate that as I have shared in these problems, rather like listening to a friend, I would, possible, like to know the outcome either way.


If I do write the story in a book, rest assured I can change identities if needed, so your confidence will not be breached.

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All photographs and content are subject to copyright

Please also remember to email me direct to let me know you have made a payment.

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Please do not book me regarding a lost animal as I do not do missing pets as this is not my line of work. Please do not ask me as I cannot help you and it also leaves me upset having read of your pain and anguish. I know that time is always of the essence in cases like this, so please look for a communicator who specialises in this kind of work. Thank you


Sadly, we do live in a world of some not-so-kind owners, but they are hardly going to want know what their pet thinks!


This should be a positive experience, and as my horse said to me, when I was apologising for not doing, or spotting, this or that,  "We do make mistakes too you know!!!" That says it all in a nutshell!

I hope that I can be of help to you, whether this is just to hear what your pet has to say, which sometimes can be so funny and often very sweet, or if you really don't know where to start with a problem. Let me tell you from them what has happened or what is going on. The most common fear is, "What if they say they don't like me?" Animals are basically non-judgemental, and seem to accept how little or how much  love  they are given.


I do send out the occasional newsletters. So if you wish to receive updates etc., please feel free to fill in your email address below. (Your email is safe and will not be shared.)


If I have communicated with your animal before you get a discount of £10 for the same type of reading.

Repeat living communication with the same living animal.      

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 Repeat spirit communication with a spirit animal.

Please note, sorry, but this discount does not apply for a living animal that has then passed to spirit since I communicated with them.

If you wish to  discuss this, please email me, or book it using  this  payment  box.


Please note that both these internet services are free to use for video calling.


For an even more personal experience, I also can do this via webcam using 

Skype or Facetime

'Face to Face'


If you want a communication for more than one pet at the same time (I will do one straight after the other)

I will give you a discount of £10 per animal 

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Please email me and let me know if it is a spirit or living reading, or a combination.  

If more than 2 animals, say 3, then I would give you more of a discount for that one.

Please email / contact me and I will go through the options.    

2 Animals via phone £130                      

2 Animals via webcam £150                      

Emergency Animal Readings

I appreciate that sometimes in life things do happen at unscheduled times.  If something is very urgent / a very sad decision needs to be made, people often find that a reading can help at this time. (Please note again: I do not do missing animals).


If your animal has had an accident / had a crisis of some sort / is having to go to Heaven or suchlike, and you think an urgent communication may help, email me. Please put 'Emergency Reading' in the subject line so it will be highlighted to me and give me an outline of what is going on. If I can do it asap, I will do my best to accomodate you. Once I have replied and we have organised a time for the reading, you can then pay to confirm. (This way it assures you that I am available to do this for you.)

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Emergency Reading £100