Sometimes I despair in this world where animals are still abused, neglected and sometimes simply abandoned as people cannot afford vets fees or even just their food and care. I am fortunate to be in a position to help some charities whether in a working capacity or donating money.


There are so many out there doing amazing work so I have chosen to list three that are close to my heart and do make a great difference out there in spite of difficult financial circumstances. They all rely heavily on goodwill and volunteers. If you do have a a little to spare, maybe you could have a look at their sites and donate what you can. They would be most grateful, as every little bit counts.

mane chance web

I had the joy to meet Jenny Seagrove through my celebrity work and we have become friends. I still do work for her and am a supporter of the wonderful sanctuary that she has taking over the running of.

Although Jenny is extremely busy with her acting career, she is totally and utterly dedicated to the running of this sanctuary. The work that has been done so far to help rehabilitating these horses, and a few small animals too, has been hard but so rewarding too. Jenny has seen how horses love to give back emotionally too. Her vision, along with the sanctuary's many helpers and supporters, is to have a place of  love where children who need emotional stimulation and therapy can come to visit and find emotional help and joy. This how now become a reality and even involves the little ponies visiting terminally ill children. For more information / make a donation...

LLuest fro web

I visited this rescue centre last summer and they really are trying so hard to make a difference. There were many horses and ponies there but they all received their individual attention and needs. I even had a chat to a little pony that was leaving for a new home.

In rural Wales many ponies seem to be abandoned as there is much open landscape and so sadly people think they can  just 'dump' them.

One of my very good friends helps run this rescue centre and writes a fantastic and heart-warming blog/newlsetter. They also need help/donations, food, hay spare rugs etc. and people to give these wonderful animals a loving home. etc. For more information / make a donation...

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There are a large number of unwanted, abused and abandoned animals in North Wales and although this is not a unique issue facing this area, NCAR know that there would be a lot more pain and suffering subjected to animals if they ceased to exist. Their growth shows that they play a vital part in the community and they also try to enlighten people of the effects of unwanted litters, as sadly there is an imbalance in the number of good homes and animals waiting to be adopted. Ann Owen received an MBE for her outstanding work for the past 30 years and also had a visit from Paul O'Grady in recognition of the wonderful work they all do.

I am so very delighted to have visited them and got my gorgeous little dog Chico who will not doubt adorn a cover on one of my books. He had rocky / uneducated start to life but is a wonderful little dog that I feel has been sent to me. NCAR rely solely on public donations and give you life-time support with your animal. Please, if you are in that area, and want to adopt a dog or cat, please look at their website and give a loving home to one who needs it.

Animal Rescue Award MBE

My Darling Rescue dog...


Thank you


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